How A Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help You With Medical Malpractice Situation


Losing someone you love during a common surgical procedure or some other event where medical treatment is applied can be very painful. If the death was caused by poor medical care, including medical malpractice, it is in your best interest to get advice from a lawyer who handles wrongful death cases. Here are three ways a wrongful death attorney can help you receive financial damages for your loss: A Lawyer Will Gather and Preserve Valuable Legal Information

24 July 2016

2 Facts On Collaborative Divorce


Many couples going through divorce today are opting to use collaborative family law instead on going through conventional divorce, and for good reason. The collaborative process is more direct and efficient than litigation, as both parties often agree from the start to seek a non-adversarial settlement for the good of their family and future relations. To help you better understand how collaborative divorce works and whether it could be right for you, read on for 2 frequently asked questions about the process.

19 July 2016

New York Drivers: Prepare Yourself For The Textalyser


Texting while driving continues to be a big problem on the roadways today. Over 1.6 million accidents are caused by drivers who get distracted while driving by using their cell phone, and over 6,000 people are killed in those accidents each year on average. The fight against cell phone usage and texting while driving have lead the New York State legislature to consider legislation that will make texting and driving a crime comparable to drunk driving.

7 June 2016

Defenses A Tattoo Parlor Might Use To Refute Liability For A Client's Injury


If you are pursuing an injury case against a tattoo parlor, get ready for a stiff defense. Nobody likes to admit injury liability, tattoo parlors included. Here are three defenses you are likely to face in such a lawsuit: You Signed a Release Form Many tattoo parlors have liability waivers that clients have to sign before getting inked. The wording may differ from parlor to parlor, but the waivers generally have the same message.

1 June 2016

How Poor Lighting Can Lead To Workers Compensation Claims


As an employer, it is your responsibility to make your workplace safe via all means possible, including the provision of proper lighting. Poor lighting can lead to workplace injuries and increase your workers' compensation costs. Inadequate lighting can cause eyestrain, lead to falls or even increase the risk of machine accidents. Here are some of the things you need to worry about when it comes to poor lighting: Inadequate Illumination

17 May 2016

Understanding Your Personal Injury Case: What You Should Know


When you have been injured in an accident, you may find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Because the accident was through the fault of someone else's actions, you may be in the process of considering your options for a personal injury case or lawsuit. Get to know some of the facts that you should know in order to properly handle your case so that you can get the best possible personal injury settlement.

13 May 2016

When Can A Pedestrian Sue A Cyclist For Injuries?


Bicycling groups make a big deal about how bikes have a right to the road and how drivers who injure bicyclists should be punished. But what rights do pedestrians have when a bicyclist goes barreling down the sidewalk or right through a stop sign and injures them? Here's when you can sue a cyclist for personal injuries. If They're On the Sidewalk Sidewalk bicycling is a topic of great controversy. Cyclists want to get away from inattentive drivers while pedestrians fear bicycles barreling by.

4 May 2016